Welcome to my blog! You can find some old posts here. I want to write more but coding is keeping me busy ;-). You can reach me via hermanbergwerf@gmail.com.

About me

I am currently doing a BSc nanobiology (bionanoscience) at TU Delft. I am super passionate about coding and user interface design. My projects range from 3D graphics using WebGL/GLSL, to writing a rewrite system to formalize mathematical proofs, to building a bridge between the FLTK widget library and the Dart VM. I have been using Dart as my main porgramming language for a while. A more complete overview of all my (open-source) projects can be found at my GitHub profile.

FLTK in the Dart VM


Cruzzle, the infinite puzzle


My first Android app

Risk using RaphaelJS

Google Drive OBJ viewer